Sounds Like Colorado

About the film

In 2014, filmmaker Caryn Sanchez set out to discover the story behind Colorado’s thriving local music scene. In search of inspiration after a seven year hiatus, she was looking for a story that would move her enough to want to live through the chaos of another film. She found it in the colorful and talented community of musicians that make up the contemporary local music scene, and the strong support system that keeps them working, growing, and productive.
Immersing herself in the local live music scene, Sanchez found characters with great stories, audiences that were loyal and enthusiastic, and musicians that were savvy and serious about their careers—and everyone was having a really great time. The music they created was fresh, original and eclectic, and their skills were advanced. Was this explosion of great local music a phenomenon? Why here in Colorado? What was it about the state that helped create such a rich musical brew? How do you grow a great music community? Sanchez set off on a two-year journey to discover the answer to these questions.
The thread throughout the larger story would be the stories of five baby bands. Sanchez and her crew followed these artists over the course of a year to chart their different approaches to building a career as working musicians. The bands—Edison, Qbala, Brent Cowles, The Burroughs, and izCALLi—proved to be interesting subjects as they work toward achieving success on their own terms.

An inside look at the festivals, venues, places and people that move music in Colorado, the insights and observations shared in Sounds Like Colorado shine a light on what it means to be a working musician today.

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